So, what exactly is Sheltie Rescue?
Sheltie Rescue groups are Individual groups who love and help Shelties in need.    Each Sheltie Rescue Group takes in Shelties who need rescued or who become homeless for whatever reason.   Sheltie Rescue houses and cares for these Shelties in specially breed trained foster homes.   Shelties come into Rescue for many reasons;  owner's death, owner moving, abandonment, or many other reasons, usually no fault of the dogs.     There are many Sheltie Rescue groups across the United States.

Sheltie Rescues may be called when an owner passes away, or when a Sheltie suddenly finds itself in trouble and with nowhere to go.    Sheltie Rescues will take in sick, injured, and homeless Shelties, bring them back to health again, and then match them up with a forever home.

Sheltie Rescue groups know this breed exclusively and therefore can give better, more breed specific care.   Each Sheltie Rescue group works exclusively with Vets that know the breed.    They know all the quirks this breed has.

Unlike an Animal Shelter,  Sheltie Rescue uses foster homes, so each dog is able to live in a home environment.

What do the dogs in Sheltie Rescue do all day?
Tolerate Bath Time
Watch you work
Help Make the Bed
Dress up for Parties
Endure hours of Brushing
Relax and heal from injuries
And..... they play.   Sheltie in a foster home, playing with the other dogs.
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