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We hope you never allow your dog to ride loose in the car.   If you get into an accident, your dog will likely either be thrown and injured, or they will escape and run away.  OR if you have a very shy Sheltie, if someone opens the door and you don't have hold of the leash, your Sheltie will bolt and run!

Your dog should always travel either in a crate, or buckled into the seat belt system with a harness.    NSRA has found a collection of inexpensive harnesses that work wonderfully at securing your dog in the car.    These harnesses are NOT suitable for walking your Sheltie,  as they are too lightweight.   But for car trips they are perfect, as they are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.
Sizing for most Shelties:   

Medium:    up to 10.5 neck    Chest  14"-19"   adjustable
Large:        up to 13.5 neck    Chest  15"-21"   adjustable

$12.00 each with FREE SHIPPING

NOTE:    Color may vary based on stock.
Car Travel Harnesses
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