Sheltie and Collie Collars

If your dog is one of the breeds, who's neck is wider than his head....(Collies, Shelties, Greyhounds, Whippets etc)    these collars are for you!     These collars make it virtually impossible for your dog to back out of.   Much safer than a regular collar.

This is the collar every Sheltie should use. 
(note: collars are adjustable as follows)

Large      17-27"       5/8 inch wide
Medium  14-20"       5/8 inch wide
Medium  14-20"       3/8 inch wide 
Small       9-14"        3/8 inch wide
X-Small   7-11"        3/8 inch wide

Matching leashes are 3/8" or 5/8"  wide and 6 feet long.

Measure your dogs neck by parting the hair, and measuring close to the skin.  The collar needs to lay flat on your dog.

Your dog will likely fall into 2 size ranges.  Order the smaller one!
No worries.  If you order the wrong size, we will gladly exchange it for you.
Sheltie Collars and Leads
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NEW in 2019, all collars now have an easy on/off clip that snaps together
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